Complete Album Productions

Complete album projects require much more preparation than recording demos. Please contact me to discuss the various methods of proceeding with your project.


Music Row Insider is a network magazine I have created to combine interviews and articles about your favorite Music Row personalities and networking for industry professionals.

Vocal and Instrument Overdubs is a site I designed to link you with your favorite Nashville players, singers and engineers. You can book overdubs right over the web and pay thru paypal.

Sample Tracks

Have a listen to a recent track we recorded. Click here for "Love Keeps Me Coming Home" by Shawn Camp and Paul Overstreet. This session took place at The Tracking Room with Mike Johnson, Kelly Back, Buddy Hyatt, Bobby Terry, Scott Williamson and myself. Paul took the tracks home and cut Shawn's vocal and mixed in his own studio.

Here's another with both Male and Female vocal. We recorded this for writer, Bruce Binkley. These tracks were cut out at The Sound Kitchen with Dennis Wage, Bruce Bouton, Joel Key, James Mitchell, Wayne Killius and myself. Engineer, Kelly Schoenfeld cut male and female vocals (Ron Wallace and Rachel Williams) and mixed the tracks at his studio, The Velvet Room.

"As the proud parent of my song, I was a little hesitant to let someone else raise the child I had so painstakingly brought into this world. Jim at Jim Hyatt Productions took my scratchy little guitar/vocal demo and turned it into a radio worthy (well, in my ears anyway) hit single. He took my simple skeleton of a song and breathed life into it. Pro players with all the hot licks makes for efficient use of studio time. I would recommend Jim Hyatt Productions to anyone."
- Bruce Binkley (Crescent Moon Talent)

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Do you have songs that you need to record?

Whether you have just lyrics, a complete song, or even an entire album's worth of songs, I will be happy to help you.

How much does it cost?

It costs $888 per song for entire band tracks. This includes the recording of all the instrumentation needed for your production, i.e., Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano/B3/Strings, Steel Guitar, Fiddle and more. We do all of our tracking at world class studios on Music Row, Berry Hill and the surrounding areas.

With complete track files you can finish your song with vocals and mix anywhere. If you choose to let me complete the project, adding a session singer and background vocal tracks increases the cost by $250. If you are singing it yourself with my engineer and room, it costs $100 per hour. I will provide a Demo Mix for $100 or a Master Mix/Radio Ready for $500.

When can I expect to get my song?

It takes a week to complete the process. Once I receive your payment, I add the song to an upcoming session and record the tracks with the band. If you just want tracks only, you will have your song that day. If I'm fulfilling the project, I'll then book the singer, the studio and mix - all within the same week.

Can I build a record one song at a time?

Yes. This is a very prudent method for cutting a record. Just record and work on one song at a time. After completing each song, you start the process all over again. Before you know it, you will have completed your album at a fraction of the cost and with a complete accounting of every dime you spent along the way.

How do I know the tracks will be the best?

You are welcome to come by one of our tracking sessions. We record nearly every day on Music Row. Stop by someday and watch the team in action. It's a lot of fun! It will ease your fears when you meet the studio musicians and engineers involved in the recording process.